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Development Of The Mower

With the rapid rise of lawn industry, China's Xu Li in the 21st century began using reciprocating mowers ... When in the late 19th century, to protect the grass was very exhausting thing. For example in Blenheim (Germany Bavaria West Village) Manor, employing 200 workers, so 50 of them are maintenance lawn. Grass grow season, roughly once every 10 days will need to cut the grass. Workers armed with very long lawn mower tools (sickles: the blade is jagged, often use a hone to Polish keep it sharp) lined up a lawn mower (actually works more like saws with a saw). Work is complete on the lawn grass full of sawn off, and then pick up the blades of grass, used to feed cattle and sheep farm, this will not only save time but also reduces damage to the grassland. Parallel four-bar lifting device, frame, left and right-wing hoe device, the whole adjustment device.