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Mower General Classification

According to different criteria, mower may have the following classification:

1, March: intelligent drag-line of a semi-automatic, introduced after type, mounts, tractor type.

2, according to power: the human animal-driven, engine driven, electric, solar-powered.

3, mode: hob, rotary cutters, side hung, flail-.

4, as required: flat-style, the altar, the truncated.

Handheld Rotary mower is typically configured without cutting disc, using high-strength nylon rope as grass cutting components, flexible structures, not afraid to encounter stiff obstacles, use safer, replacement is also very convenient.

Lawn mower works with reciprocating and Rotary, high cutting efficiency to save time, and realizes the function of green environmental protection, landscaping, simple, convenient operation, high efficiency, so is widely used. Machines small and for medium and small lawns. Used lawn mowers classified according to requirements, determine the cut grass stubble height, very easy to use.

Along the slope the horizontal trim only when grass clippings, not trim along the slope. Modern lawn mowers is more suitable for operation.