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Mower Operation

This small mower operation during operation is relatively simple, first working path more flexible, because machines are small turning radius, not flexible because machines are small turning radius, no walking dead, mowers, mower speed according to the terrain, the grass density selection of stalls. Local surface irregularities, pasture density at low speeds, otherwise choose a high speed stall. During the operation, two clutch tensioner handle has been in a combination of position, because during the work, engine running when joining or separating tensioner handle, easy to damage to the machine. Lawn mower operator does not need to move the two handles in the process, operation is relatively simple, drivers simply hand handle control lawn mower routes can be.

Operations should be kept carefully observe the terrain ahead of job conditions, in case of large pits, hills, should slow down, bypass, or fast-moving cutter can make up a lot of dust, bad for the operator and machine. This machine is only suitable for slope slope operations below 25 degrees, the slope is too large, lubricant not lubricates all moving parts, long job damage the engine. When the machine is in operation, should allow staff away from the mower, avoid cutting up small stones hurt others.

After the job is complete, disconnect the two clutch handle, then, reduce the throttle and idling, stop walking, shut the throttle, turned off the engine, cutting walked puck moved to position, start the engine again, under the driver's actions, walk mower can go home.