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Mower Power Transmission

Power output is equipped with two sets of power transmission belts, a pair of belt power forward to cutting system, referred to as cutting power belts, back a pair of walking belt will transmit the power to the system, known as power walking belt. Cutting power belts, by the rotating wheel and cutting systems. This is a pressure roller, and a pull-wire switches are connected when the pull switch pull tight, pressure roller pressed the transmission belt, the engine's power to the cutting system. Pull-wire switches relaxes, cut off power transmission. In walking power belt of aside also with a pressure with round, pressure with round and a pull switch connected, dang pressure with round in this location Shi, belt in relaxation State, engine of power cannot backward passed, also, pulled tight pull switch Shi, pressure with round near and pressure tight power belt, to will engine of power to behind of turned round Shang, and this turned round connected of is gearbox. This is the gearbox, which is sets of gear combinations, through different combinations of gear, complete the adjustment of the speed and direction of rotation of the engine, gearbox, this wheel is the power input, transmission gear shift lever operation is complete, this is the power output shaft of the gearbox, power output to the operating system.