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Robot Lawn Mower

Robot lawn mower is the best robot tools.The principle of the robot lawn mower is simple.Robot lawn mower cuttings are small .

It is enough that you won't need to rake the clippings.Because the grass clippings are so small they quickly dissolve back into the lawn,adding nutrients back into the soil, for a thicker, greener, healthier looking lawn With a robotic lawn mower, the grass gets mowed automatically - around the clock without your supervision.If you need a time-saving and labor-saving quality first-class robot lawn mower.And it will return to the charging station  by self.

  Please find Hangzhou Superman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


 SUPERMAN, one of the leading  robot lawn mower manufacturers and suppliers in China, devotes to various quality mowers wholesale 

business. We have a professional factory which is dedicated to supplying quality intelligent  robot lawn mower with high 


Founded in 2007, Hangzhou Superman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a unique company specializing in robot lawn mower research, development and manufacture. 

  Focusing on the international market trend, our innovative research team is exploring the frontier of mowing technology and is dedicated to develop excellent products to serve the best interests of our clients. The current technology developed by our R&D team stands in the leading position in robot mower fields in China.

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